0 SSH US 17th Oct 2013

Notice: ssh provided here is just for testing purpose, please use it legally.|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes|admin|admin|United States|Texas (TX)|75202|Login Ok: Yes|Fresh: Yes
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1 Free VPN 2013 collection

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2 VPS free for testing purpose at virtualmaster.cz

Site https://www.virtualmaster.cz/en

- Dedicated RAM : 128MB
- Swap : 256MB
- Space : 2,5GB
- CPU Core : 1 Core
- IPs : 1 IP
- Virtualization : XEN
- Operating System : Centos 5.5 x86_64
This VPS is just for testing purpose.
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1 Using SSH with Tunnelier and Proxifier

Download Tunnelier here or use this hot link. It is free for personal use.
Install it to your computer.
Now let's configure it to use SSH to hide your IP. If your host support SSH, you can use it with Tunnellier.
Open your Tunnelier.
Input host address, it is an IP address like this one Default port for SSH is 22. Input your usename and password, usually it is same with your c-panel password. You can find it in your host panel.

Switch to Services tab, now enable the function SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding, listen interface=, port=1080 ( any number you like :D, but remember, this is port for hide your IP )

You can save all information to a profile for future use.
Now, you can use it with firefox or any browser to hide IP. With firefox go to Tools/ Options/Advance/Network/Setting choose Manual proxy configuration, input with port 1080 to SOCKS host, chose type of this protocol is SOCKS5.
If you want to hide IP for all applications, you can use Proxifier software. Download it here.
Use port 1080 with Proxifier. Enjoy anonymous mode!
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1 How to use SSH with PuTTY to hide your IP address?

If you have access to SSH on a remote server (dedicated server, vps or shell account), you can browse the internet over the IP address hiding your original IP address.
This can be useful for many scenarios like -
IP based authentication over dynamic IP:
In many cases for security reasons we use restrict access only to some selected IP addresses. For example, admin area of a blog, forum, billing system or help desk can be protected with IP based authentication.
But what if you are on dynamic IP? You can allow your users (or yourself) first to ssh to a server with static ip and then access your restricted web app over the ssh tunnel. Your restricted web app will get the remote server IP as the user IP.
Technical limitations related to shared/dynamic IP:
In many places (specially in Bangladesh) ISPs provide the clients only with dynamic or shared IP address. In some places access are limited by number of access per IP address.
For example, download services like RapidShare will not allow you to download a file when someone else is downloading a file over your shared IP. You can easily bypass such limits using this SSH Tunneling.
Just last night I had to use ssh tunneling to create a couple of Live IDs (passport.net) as Micro$oft was not allowing to create any from my local ISP IP :S
Being a cool geek:
Or you can use it just to surprise your friends (who actaully checks for your ip =P) by showing your domain on you email and forum posts ;)
Anyways… enough of possible “usage”. If you are reading this, I bet you already “need it” =P
Now to get straight into the tutorial.
What you need?
1. PuTTY SSH Client. (Can be downloaded from here.)
2. Firefox Web Browser. (Can be downloaded from here.)
3. SSH access to a unix/linux server. (Now thats something I can’t give you ;) )
Now, first run PuTTY. You should be on the “PuTTY Configuration” window. On the “Host Name (or IP address)” field, type the hostname or IP address of your remote server. And select “Connection type” as “SSH“. The port should get automatically selected to 22.
PuTTY - Remote Server Hostname
Then, in the left-hand menu, click on “SSH“. In “Protocol options“, tick “enable compression” and set your preferred SSH version to “2“.
PuTTY SSH Connection Option
Now expand the “SSH” menu and select the “Tunnels” sub-menu.
PuTTY - Tunnels Menu
Now under the “Tunnels” menu (Options controlling SSH port forwarding), in the “Source port” field, type in a source port. Here I am using 4567. But you can use anything. Then select “Dynamic” as “Destination” and click the “Add” button.
PuTTY - Port Forwarding
After clicking the “Add” button the newly added forwarded port should get listed under “Forwarded ports” list.
PuTTY SSH Tunnel - Port Forwarding
Now, go back to the “Session” tab at the top of the menu, give the new connection a name (here i used My SSH Proxy) and click on the “Save” button.
PuTTY - My SSL Proxy
Congrats! we are done with the PuTTY configuration.
From now on you can use this connection to login to your server. After login, you winn be able to use the connection as SSH Tunnel.
But before starting to browse internet using the IP address of the server, we need to configure firefox settings.
Lets fire up the fox and go to “Tools > Options…
Firefox - Tools Options Menu
Now click the Advanced icon (on the upper-right of the dialog), and select the Network tab. Then click on the “Settings…” button.
Firefox Advanced Network Settings
This will brings up the “Connection Settings” dialog. On this dialog click the “Manual proxy configuration” radio button, then put the address in the “SOCKS Host” field. In the “Port” field enter the port you used when configuring your SSH tunnel with Putty. In my case this port is 4567.
Firefox - Manual Proxy Configuration
Click the “OK” buttons to accept your changes.
Now make sure you have already logged in to the server using the connection we created with PuTTY and start browsing with Firefox.
You can visit a IP address identifier site like WhatIsYourIp.com or Whois.com.bd to check which IP address firefox is showing.

Source of this article: http://www.dotcomunderground.com/blogs/2008/12/11/putty-ssh-tunnel-to-hide-ip/
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0 TrustConnect Service Free 10 GB at comodo.com

Go to this link https://accounts.comodo.com/trustconnectfree/management/signup and fill all the fields to register a new account.
Download trustconnect software of COMODO and install it on your computer. Using Service Login, Service Password and License key to log in the software on PC. Free traffic of this service is 10 GB. When it is over, just register a new account :D

Note: comodo trust connect software insert advertisements on your browser!
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0 Free trail 3 days at unblockvpn.com

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